Let’s Talk Bookish: Tracking Reading

May 27: Tracking reading
Prompts: Do you keep track of the books you read? If so, do you use Goodreads? Storygraph? Another platform? Has the way you keep track of your reading changed since you started blogging? What are the pros and cons of tracking your reading?

Yeah, I do track my reading. I’m a chronic re-reader ( no, it doesn’t spoil the book for me. Usually). Every time you pick up a book, it’s a different experience altogether. The vibe you’re in, the day you had, the mood you’re in- the all matter. I randomly feel the absolute need to re-read a book, and I do! (As long as I still have it).

Tracking books is a must for re-readers like me. I use Goodreads to do so but I’m somewhat not satisfied with it. I was really excited for Readerly, expecting a better experience. I even did a post on it! But the invite only system restricted a bookish community forming. So, here I am using Goodreads as ever.

My book tracking habits haven’t changed since when I started blogging. I don’t feel the need to do so.

Any tips for me to inculcate book tracking in book blogging? I’m always excited for new thoughts!


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