Thoughts I Have While Reading

1. Ugh! I should stop. I absolutely don’t want to finish this book already.

June | 2017 | Bartels's Letter

2. Wait, I completed reading This Much already?? How? Why?

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3. This is soooo good…..

4. Just one chapter more, please!

 5. Please don’t be over! Please don’t be over! 

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 6. Tribute to my reading slumps: what on earth did others find good about this book?

7. No way the movie’s going to be better than the book.

8. How did { insert author name} even come up with the plot? *staring at the wall, mindblown*

9. Umm, what is happening here?

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10. There’s going to be a HEA right? Please say yes.

11. Oh come on! Stop acting childish.

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12. I wish I’d get to eat that. *drooling*

13. Nooooo…….okay fine, at least the protagonist isn’t dead. (judging you Allegiant)

 14. Jumps into the book again. Book’s 500 pages long, it better not be boring.

 15. Me hoping the book I should’ve DNFed long ago will get better.

16. I don’t even like the book. Just get to the end already.

17. Where did I  keep my bookmark? *shrugs* Guess it’s a sign to continue reading.

I’d love to hear about the thoughts you have while

reading. Just ping me up in the comments. Au Revoir!

32 thoughts on “Thoughts I Have While Reading

  1. These are so true! There’s this thing I always regret doing…I often can’t wait any longer and read the plot before completing the story!😭Also, you have such a wonderful blog! Love the theme!

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      1. Creamy hot chocolate with marshmallows that melt in your mouth. Crunchy s’mores with gooey insides. Freshly baked choco chip cookies that are crisp and soft at the same time with the choco chips moist and heavenly.

        He he. Guess I have a sadistic streak afterall! 😝

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