What I’ve been up to? No, I’m not dead

Just clarifying, that’s not me!

Hey guys!
Saying it’s been a while is a huge understatement. My last post (The Cruel Prince: Book Review) was in June. I’d gone an unannounced reading and blogging hiatus that I end with this post. *drum roll in your mind, hopefully*
With tests and exams piling up, reading became a kind of a chore for me. Safe to say, I was pretty disgusted ’cause reading is one of the rare things I do for me alone. (Does that sound like a humble brag? God, I hope not.)

So, all in all, I’m officially back. With new ideas. I also plan to work on the blog post ideas I’ve been thinking about.
I’d say sorry for the hiatus but frankly, I’m not. I’d rather not have to take breaks from reading, but doing so can be a lot productive and stress-free.

Je t’embrasse,

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