Bookish, Not Boring: Bookish Pet Peeves you didn’t know you had but totally recognize

What is Bookish, Not Boring?

For those who are new to my blog, The Shamelessly Bookstruck, I’d like to summarise all about this feature. Bookish, Not Boring is a weekly meme hosted by The Shamelessly Bookstruck. I’ve written tons of lists in my journals that are all about books and characters and ramblings. To share that with other avid readers, I post a Top 5 bookish list every Thursday (although if I’m unable to squeeze it into some of my jam-packed weeks- I’ll make it up to you).

Bookish Pet Peeve #1: When the movie is better than the book.

One of the universal pet peeves of book lovers is when people like the movie better than the book, or when they’ve only seen the movie and not read the book. It’s annoying, but also it’s their own choice.

I absolutely hate it when I am forced to do something. (I am terrible at completing read-a-thons and reading challenges.) So, I can’t expect others to love books as much as I do. There’s also the fact that my best friend is much more of a binge-watcher than binge-reader. I’ve had to come to accept it. *shake my head*

My bookish pet peeve is when I, me, myself like the movie better than the book. That’s soooo frustrating and soooo annoying. Angry thoughts start blowing up my mind- ‘Shruvi, you are a hypocrite!’ I liked the movie better than the book in many instances and none of which I can recall at the moment. Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Eingle is one.

But, I still recommend books are better than movies. (I never claimed that I listen to myself *shrugs*)

Bookish Pet Peeve #2: When it is visible that someone’s bookshelf is absolutely untouched.

I once visited a friend (before pandemic, of course!) and she had the perfect bookshelf. Open shelves, Placed in an open, well-lit room. And it had tons of books all colour coordinated. The only problem was that they. Were. Untouched. I know for a fact that she just wasn’t that neat-freak. The pages were moulded together.

How is that even possible that someone wouldn’t want to read the books immediately as they arrive? I do regular self-control exercises when I have to convince my brain NOT to finish the book in one go.

It’s even more annoying when the books are untouched, beautifully decorated and on my TBR. Life definitely isn’t fair.

Bookish Pet Peeve #3: When you are promised to go out for a movie when you could have been reading.

This happens to me a lot. I promise to do something fun, not only go out for a movie but go shopping or something else, and then I miss my book.

Books with can’t-put-it-down plots are both a blessing and a curse. The book is all I think about when I’m reading it. Especially thriller and SFF. Contemporary YA- not so much.

Bookish Pet Peeve #4: When I’m gifted a book I don’t want/ already have.

At the risk of being doubted as a bookworm, I admit that I hate giving/ receiving books as a gift. There are many reasons-
1. You don’t know for sure whether he/she will like the book. (Even if you have the same taste in books).
2. You don’t know for sure whether he/she even likes to read.
3. You don’t know for sure if he/she has already read it.

Unless of course you directly ask the person if they would prefer to read the book. And this is a really good idea. I was once gifted a book this way, and despite the fact that I already knew what it was, I was pretty excited to open it.

Bookish Pet Peeve #5: Books without blurbs. Just back covers saying how awesome it is.

Mostly classics have this problem. Even Goodreads doesn’t have the accurate blurb.

I absolutely need blurbs. I can’t read without them. I know they are partial spoilers in the opinion of many, but I find them necessary. I never rely only on recommendations without knowing what it is about. I’ve disliked many popular books to do so.

When a book doesn’t have a blurb on it’s back cover- or anywhere else- it’s soooo annoying. Okay yes, the book is “marvellous” or “masterpiece” but how do we know the storyline isn’t just another cliché? Not only is it frustrating, if you ask me, but it also affects the reader estimate of the book. If I am scrolling through books in a library, I won’t waste my time searching for the blurb of a book (I know, I know- I’m lazy *shrugs*) when I have tons of options to choose from. Be honest, would you?

Do you have any other bookish pet peeves? What are your thoughts on them? I’d love to hear all about it. You can comment below or email me.

21 thoughts on “Bookish, Not Boring: Bookish Pet Peeves you didn’t know you had but totally recognize

  1. Definitely #5 yes. It peeves me so much when I WANT to know what the book is about but I only find a list of appreciations by people I don’t care. As for #4, it’s been ages since I was gifted a book and anyway I’d read any kind of book so it doesn’t matter. For #1 haha Shadow and Bone was a teensy bit better than the book (unpopular opinion: the book doesn’t suck as much as people say it does) Great post!!!

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  2. Okay, I totally agree with you on #5, it is veryyy annoying when a book doesn’t have a blurb!! About #2 – I seriously don’t understand why people even buy books if they don’t want to read them! As of #1 – *laugh* I read the books which don’t have a series or movie based on it! And okay okay, I know I binge-watch a lot, but I ALSO read!


    1. You should definitely read books that are made into adaptations. Even if you have already seen the movie or series. There are so many interesting scenes and schemes that are cut out so as to not make the movie too long.


    2. Firstly, I wanna say that this was an amazing post. I really enjoyed reading it.
      I completely agree with you on #1
      It’s quite annoying when someone likes the movie better than the book when they’ve not even read the book.
      #4- Exactly! I hate it when people give books as a gift. Books are supposed to be bought by the person who is gonna be reading them. It makes no sense to read a book just for the sake of reading it.


      1. I’m thrilled you enjoyed reading this post.
        So true about #4. I’ve never been gifted a book that I would choose myself except once, when a friend was sweet enough to ask for my suggestions indirectly. It’s much better to give something else entirely or to gift bookish goodies to keen readers. I, for one, love those.
        Thanks Tanisha for coming by!


  3. Yes! This was so relatable, Shruvi! I can’t tell you how many times I see bookshelves untouched and it annoys me so much. Also, books like Nancy Drew and/or Pride and Prejudice just don’t have a synopsis. How would we know if we like it?! I don’t like to admit this, but sometimes I like the movies better than the books!

    Wrinkle in Time is a really good example. The book was written way back in the 1970s when it was supposed to have a contemporary feel, but now that we’re in the 21st century, the writing style seems slightly old and hard to comprehend.

    Oh, well, I turned this comment into Goodreads, but this post was really good! Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Nancy Drew not having blurbs is really annoying. Especially when there are tons of books in the series and we’re expected to blindly pick the book without knowing a bit about the plot. I’m glad you liked the post, Maya. Thanks for stopping by.

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  4. i relate with this post on a spiritual level- the amount of times i shook my head while reading this post is insane~ i hate books with no blurbs too;- it’s so annoying when all i see are good reviews but NO i just want the summary, reviews don’t impact the book for me hehe 🙂

    great post, i was drowning in the relatability of it 😀

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    1. Exactly! Not providing blurbs in books is a loss for the publishers too. I can recall plenty of books that I didn’t pick up from libraries and bookstores because there wasn’t a blurb on the cover. It’s also irritating when the book isn’t what the blurb makes it to be. More so when the book turns out to be disappointing.
      It’s terrific to know you liked the post ☺️

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      1. yesss this happens to me so many times; i like the book cover, and i like the smell of the book but there’s no blurb😒 ooh i like your blog as well heheh 😉

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  5. Ugh I hate when the book just has a bunch of praise and no blurb or synopsis about the book! Like… it actually turns me off from the book because it almost looks like they don’t have anything to say about the plot itself. There are too many books out there for me to waste my time… and praise usually winds up leaving me unsatisfied anyways because hype

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